Sri Lanka Army

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27th August 2015 10:16:12 Hours

Ex-Cormorant Strike VIII - 2017 - More Images

1. Cormorant Strike VIII- 2017 Press Briefing

2. Cormorant Strike VIII- 2017 War Game

3. ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike VIII - 2017’ Formally Launched from Minneriya

4. Joint Amphibious Task Forces Ready for Mock Attacks

5. Army CSO Supervises Telecom Network in ‘Ex-Cormorant Strike’

6. Commander Receives an Appraisal of the Exercise, ‘Cormorant Strike’ at Minneriya

7. 'Exercise Cormorant Strike’ Reaches ‘Critical Engagement’ Phase Before Distinguished Guests

8. Commandos Display Their 'Hostage Rescue' Skills in ‘Cormorant Strike’

9. 'Exercise Cormorant Strike’ Reaches its Final Phase

10. ‘Exercise Cormorant Strike - 2017’ Drew a Close in Certificate Awarding Ceremony