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19th March 2019 14:34:30 Hours

Elaborate 'Thripitakabhivandana' Programmes Now on Across All Army Formations

Army troops in all corners of the island on the instructions of Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army are extending their best cooperation to all agencies for conduct of the week-long 'Thripitakabhivandana' World Heritage Project that would reach its apex on Saturday (23) at Sri Dalada Maligawa premises.

‘Thripitaka’ (Three Great Canons) which has encompassed all pristine teachings of the Buddha centuries ago at historic Aluviharaya in Matale is regarded as the most authentic and well-documented scriptures of Buddhist learning, scripted in Ola-leaves and treasured for generations. On a directive of the Presidential Secretariat, it is to be now declared a World Heritage considering its historic value.

On Saturday (16), Army troops of the 22 Division of the Security Force Headquarters – East (SFHQ-E) joined others to offer alms to monks who were on ‘Pindapatha’ (meal begging) in the general areas of Thambalagamuwa, following arrangements made by the Thambalagamuwa Divisional Secretariat. Staff Officer - I (coordination) at 22 Division Headquarters supported the arrangement with 2 Officers and 28 Other Rankers participating.

The second phase of the same programme took place at Mollipothana Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya on Monday (18) where a special Dhamma sermon was delivered by a monk. A group of 17 Army personnel contributed to the event and listened to the preaching on the importance of ‘Thripitaka’.

In the meantime, a group of 100 Army personnel serving the 22 Division and the 221 Brigade in Trincomalee joined hands with the Trincomalee Police Station to offer alms to Buddhist monks on foot in the general town area of Trincomalee.

Similarly, 222 Brigade troops gave their assistance to the Kantale Divisional Secretariat to organize a ‘Pindapatha’ programme for monks in the ancient Welunna Rajamaha Viharaya, in which 50 monks paraded begging for alms.

In another programme, 224 Brigade and 6 Sri Lanka Armoured Corps troops in Muttur contributed to conduct a simple Perahera, in which the sacred ‘Piruvana Poth Wahanse’ (book containing Buddhist stanzas) was taken from Muttur Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya to Muttur Uthurugiri Viharaya. Likewise, 15 SLLI troops joined the Police and the Civil Security Department to organize a ‘Pindapatha’ walk from Jayapura Sri Wimalaramaya to Sri Wijayawardanaramaya at Thambalagamuwa where alms were offered to 10 Buddhist monks.

Meanwhile, SFHQ-E troops on Saturday (18) joined religious programmes organized by the Welikanda Police Station where alms were served to members of the Maha Sangha at Sama Viharaya, Sewanapitiya on ‘Pindapatha’.

Similarly, 51 Division Headquarters in Kopay, Jaffna made the entire area colourful with Buddhist decorations and flags as their contribution to the national 'Thripitakabhivandana' World Heritage Project.

In the same way, 17 Gemunu Watch and 14 Gajaba Regiment troops of the 512 Brigade Headquarters in Jaffna decorated the area with fluttering Buddhist flags and supported other arrangements in the area.

Meanwhile, 515 Brigade Headquarters decorated the area around the entrance with Buddhist flags. 10 Sri Lanka Artillery and 2 (V) Gemunu Watch troops meanwhile decorated their camps with Buddhist flags on account of the national event. On Sunday (17) those 2 (V) Gemunu Watch troops joined a ‘Bodhi Pooja Pinkama’ at their temple premises and watched the Buddhist film ‘Aaloko Udapadi’ in the evening.

Similarly, 593 Brigade troops of the Security Force Headquarters – Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) raised Buddhist flags and decorated the premises with Buddhist artistic creations.

In the meantime, 66 Division Headquarters in Pooneryn decorated their camp area with Buddhist flags and added their weight to the national project.

4 (V) Corps Engineer Services Headquarters at Nalluruwa, Panadura meanwhile decorated their premises with Buddhist flags and marked the event.

Meanwhile, all Brigades and Units under the Pallekele - based 11 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Central decorated respective areas with colourful Buddhist flags and supported other arrangements at local temple levels.

In the meantime, 111 Brigade Headquarters at Gampola under the Security Force Headquarters – Central (SFHQ-Cen) also contributed to the project by decorating the area with Buddhist flags.

Similarly, two special ‘Bodhi Pooja’ programmes, conducted at 515 Brigade Headquarters in Kankasanthurai and 66 Division Headquarters in Pooneryn on Medin Full Moon Poya Day (20) marked the ‘Thripitakabhivandana' commemoration programme with the participation of monks. Both programmes reminded the participants of the importance of this World Heritage Project.

Meanwhile, 212 Brigade-based in Ranasevapura –Anuradhapura also conducted a Buddhist religious programme at Sri Vimaladharma temple in Ranasewapura on account of this national event.

Meanwhile, 14 GW troops of the 581 Brigade under the 58 Division and the SFHQ-West on Saturday (16) joined others to offer alms to monks on Pindapatha, organized by the Udugama Police Station for 50 Buddhist monks.

Henanigala North - based Sri Lanka Army Recruit Training Centre meanwhile illuminated its Buddhist shrine in the premises and decorated the main gate area in connection with the ongoing 'Thripitakabhivandana' week which declares the ‘Thripitakaya’ as a world heritage on Saturday (23) at Sri Dalada Maligawa premises. Those troops also joined a ‘Bodhi Pooja’ on Tuesday (19) evening.

Meanwhile, 582 Brigade Headquarters at Wagawatta, Horana contributing its part to the Army arrangements, together with 9 Gemunu Watch and Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps troops serving under the 582 Brigade held ‘Bodhi Pooja’ offerings simultaneously in their camp premises. Likewise, all three places remain decorated with Buddhist flags and other decorations.

In the meantime, 593 Brigade Headquarters in Nayaru, Mullaittivu in addition to their decorations got a Dhamma sermon organized in the premises on account of the national event.

Meanwhile, 62 Division troops in Galkulama, 582 Brigade in Horana and 613 Brigade in Palampiddi conducted Bodhi Poojas and more events to coincide with the Tripitakabhiwandana week.

Meanwhile, 571 Brigade troops in Kilinochchi also decorated their camp and conducted Buddhist religious activities during this week.

Security Forces - Mullaittivu meanwhile conducted a religious programme at Muladeepa temple in Mullaittivu and decorated the premises.

513 Brigade in Kankasanthurai also conducted religious programmes and reading Tripitaka Oath also took place.

Meanwhile, 51 Division in Kopay - Jaffna also launched Buddhist religious activities and marked the Thripitakabhiwandana week.

Forward Maintenance Area - North Central in Anuradhapura similarly launched Buddhist religious projects on Wednesday (20) to coincide with Thripitakabhiwandana week.

Meanwhile, 561 Brigade troops in Kanagarayankulam conducted a Bodhi Pooja and distributed cool drinks to coincide with Tripitakabhiwandana Week on Saturday (23).

In the meantime, Army Vocational Training Centre at Saliyapura also conducted a series of events to coincide with the event.

Further, Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force also conducted a series of Buddhist religious events including a Bodhi Pooja during this week.

Regimental Centre of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps in the meantime arranged a valuable Buddhist religious event in the past week.

611 Brigade troops in Echchankulam, Vavniya also coordinated religious events to coincide with Tripitakabhiwandana Week.

Meanwhile, troops of the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) listened to an enlightening Dhamma Sermon on Saturday (23), the last day of ‘Tripitakabhivandana’ week.

Other arrangements organized by the SFHQ-E included a Dhamma Sermon conducted by Ven. Batapola Kolitha Thero. Major General Aruna Jayasekara, Commander, Security Forces - East, Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks attended some of those programmes.

Troops of the 61 Division meanwhile organized a special programme on Friday (22) to mark the Thripitakabhinandana under the supervision of the General Officer Commanding of 61 Division, Brigadier K.D.C.G.J Thilakarathne. A Dhamma sermon and observances were conducted by five Buddhist monks.

General Officer Commanding, 61 Division, Commander, 611 Brigade, Brigadier L.D.S.S Liyanage, Senior Officers, Officers and number of Other Ranks participated in the event.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Province Governor's Secretariat organized a special Alms Giving Ceremony for 100 Buddhist monks on (21) Thursday at the Hindu Cultural Auditorium Trincomalee on account of the 'Thripitakabhivandana' week. Troops decorated and cleaned the area on the instructions of the General Officer Commanding, 22 Division followed by a sermon of Ven. Ahungalle Siri Seela Visuddhi Maha Nayaka Thero on the importance of the Thripitaka.

Likewise, Headquarters Logistics Command organized a religious event to coincide with the national project on 22 March 2019 at the Logistics Command Headquarters premises.

Ven Wehigala Sarada Thero conducted a Darmadeshana and a meditation programme after educating everyone present on the importance of Thripitakaya as a world heritage. The Commander Logistics Command Major General C. S Atipola and all Ranks in the Headquarters Logistics Command participated in the event.

Meanwhile, Security Forces Mullaitivu conducted a series of Buddhist religious programmes including an Alms-giving and a Bodhi Pooja, together with members serving all Divisions, Brigades, FMA, and Battalions in connection with the Tripitakabhiwandana week.

Likewise, the Security unit for the Commander at Mattegoda too contributed to the success of the national event by decorating their premises.

Similarly, Commando Regiment Training School at Uva-Kudaoya also conducted Buddhist religious sermons and Bodhi Poojas to coincide with the Tripitakabhiwandana week.