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Duraiappa, First Democrat Killed by LTTE Remembered

THE assassination of Alfred Duraiappa, Mayor of Jaffna was the first victim of LTTE terrorism, exactly 34 years ago on 27th July 1975 while he was entering for prayers at the Vishnu temple premises in Jaffna. It had been customary for Duraiappa to visit the temple every Sunday. His whereabouts had been monitored and followed by the assassins who had arrived at the scene on bicycles. 

On that fateful day, Duraiappa visited the temple on his white Peugeot and was about to enter the Vishnu temple when he was shot at pointblank range killing him instantly. 

Velupillai Prabhakaran who had founded the armed terrorism with the then wing called, Tamil New Tigers (TNT) two years earlier than the crime later labeled his organization as the LTTE. Late Duraiappa thus became the first democrat to fall prey to armed terrorists in the Jaffna Peninsula.

His assassins justified his slaying as one that has been done because of his treachery against Tamil people. This is the same LTTE strategy that continued until their leader Velupille Prabhakaran died in May this year.