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Dry Rations & School Accessories Gifted to Commemorate Late Officer

The veteran songstress, Mrs Sujatha Attanayake in commemoration of her late son, Captain Sanjeewa Attanayake of the Sri Lanka Light Infantry distributed a stock of dry ration packs and school accessories among needy civilians and students in Wellawadi, Pasikuda, Valachchenai and Susirigama village in Welikanda, following the coordination, done by troops of the 11 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) of the 231 Brigade under the 23 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E).

Each dry ration pack, worth about Rs 2500/= contained food varieties, spices, dry fish, dhal, etc while the pack of school accessories, consisted of books, pens, etc, each to the value of Rs 750/=.

Altogether 100 families in selected areas of those villages received dry ration packets and a total of 65 students got school accessories on Friday (16).

Mrs Attanayake’s friends and relatives have provided sponsorship for distribution of those items among needy children and families. Troops including the Civil Affairs Officer for the 23 Division coordinated the entire event and the distribution of essentials.

Captain Sanjeewa Attanayake went missing in action in Pooneryn area while the troops were fighting against the LTTE in 1992.