Sri Lanka Army

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05th January 2017 18:23:53 Hours

Concerned Soldiers Give Life Back to Injured Hind

Troops of the 651 Brigade Headquarters in Mulankavil under the 65 Division of the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) on duty near its main entrance, saved the life of a seriously injured hind which desperately crawled towards the premises, thanks to the timely action on Monday (2).

Concerned Army personnel rushed to the assistance of the victim immediately and safely evacuated her to their own Advanced Dressing Station at the Headquarters and began treatment to her injured areas under the guidance of the staff of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps, resident inside the camp.

Due to effective medical care, the innocent hind’s condition dramatically improved and was pronounced out of danger after a lengthy period of about 18 hours, during which period two medical assistants stood by the victim overnight.

Troops afterwards contacted Dr. Kiridharan, Veterinary Surgeon of the Wildlife Conservation Department at Kilinochchi and handed over the animal to his team on Tuesday (3) after inviting them to the Headquarters.

Before the animal was taken for further treatment and release to the jungle again, Dr. Kiridharan thanked the Army for its concern towards the wildlife and the rescue of this innocent animal.