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Commandos Launch Waterborne Adventure Along Mahaweli River

The waterborne, ‘Kayaking Expedition’, a novel adventurous project of the 3 Commando Regiment of the Army which recently saw a group of Commando rowers, conduct an exploratory mission, covering a distance of about 165 km, ended successfully at the outfall of the Mahaweli River in Trincomalee.

The waterborne exploratory group of the Commando Regiment which was formed as a concept of Major General Prasanna Silva, Colonel of the Regiment, Commando Regiment, undertook this 5 day-long rowing mission, using small sailing dinghies from Mahiyanganaya as the starting point under five phases with the objective of exploring the natural laying of the river, behaviour of humans living on both sides of the river, ecological erosion and man-made environmental pollution, possible impact on biodiversity and Wasgamuwa National Forest reserves, etc.

The project was named as 'Kayaking Expedition’ in relation to the etymological reference of the word, ‘Kayak’ which literarily means the small ‘dinghy’ used by Eskimos many centuries ago since the Commandos also selected the same type of dinghies and yachts for this interesting and adventurous expedition.

The first phase (Mahiyanganaya-Alikotaliya), the second phase (Alikotaliya-Manampitiya), the third phase (Manampitiya-Kandakadu), the fourth phase (Kandakadu-Siththaru) and the fifth phase (Siththaru-Trincomalee), were attended by 5 officers and 29 Commandos, headed by Major General Prasanna Silva himself and Brigadier H.H.A.S.P.K Senarathne, Brigade Commander, Commando Regiment.

The expedition, meant to promote self-confidence, rowing skills, ability to face any future disasters, interest in such exploring adventures, etc, took place during Feb 28-March 4, 2015.   

Earlier, the Commando Regiment, befitting its exceptional warfare skills organized a similar adventurous expedition in 2014 with 4 x 4 vehicles from Point Pedro to Uva Kudaoya.