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Commandos' '4 x 4 Expedition 2014' Symbolically Launched in Colombo

4 x 4 Expedition 2014’ - ‘Experience Sri Lanka with Commandos’, the thrilling expedition, organized for the first time in the Commando Regiment (CR), kicked off symbolically on Sunday (3) from Colombo before the actual six-day tour begins in Jaffna on Monday (4).
At the invitation of Major General Prasanna Silva, Colonel of the Regiment, CR, Hon. Namal Rajapaksa (MP), flagged the beginning of the expedition and formally launched it, near Bank of Ceylon Headquarters (East Tower) Colombo.  
Covering the entire eastern coastal belt of approximately 775 km distance from Point Pedro up to the Kuda Oya Commando Regiment Training School within a period of six days (August 4 - 9), the expedition is to attract 4 wheel vehicles which are confident in driving along sandy beaches and capable of crossing Manalkadu sand dunes, Chalai lagoons, muddy roads, narrow paths, dense jungles and rural villages along the Eastern coastal belt until the expedition reaches its climax upon reaching Kuda Oya.
“Those participants in 4 wheelers will experience camping in five different areas and enjoy interacting with locals in respective areas, taste of different local food items, sea baths, boat rides, filming, participation in games, etc,” Major General Prasanna Silva was quoted having said.
The novel expedition, designed covering five legs; Point Pedro to Kokkuthuduvai (148 km), Kokkuthuduvai to Dehiwatta (128 km), Dehiwatta to Thoppigala (120 km), Thoppigala to Arugam Bay (182 km) and Arugam Bay to Uva Kuda Oya CR Training School (178 km) and is open to 4 x 4 standard vehicles, 4 x 4 modified class vehicles and medium duty and heavy duty sport utility vehicles who could enjoy this first ever motor expedition of this type.
The ideal expedition, ‘4 x 4 Expedition’ which has received the full backing of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, suits families, corporate executives, road enthusiasts, adventure lovers and motorcar fans.
Setting out the objectives of the mammoth spectacle, Major General Silva went on record saying that the proceeds from the project are twofold; fund-raising for CR infrastructure improvements and promotion of adventure sports in Sri Lanka.
On the final day (August 9), a ceremony will culminate the expedition at CR Training School, Kuda Oya with a grand motor rally. More than 75 enthusiasts have already signed up for participation.