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Commander Completes His 'Farewell' Meetings Thanking Everyone

Ending the series of formal ‘farewell’ visits before he assumes the new appointment shortly as Chief of Defence Staff, the Commander of the Army, General Jagath Jayasuriya Friday (12) morning went to the Security Force Headquarters  Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) and met a representative gathering of troops serving there.   

General Jayasuriya during his address to the troops gratefully acknowledged the support he received from the island-wide Headquarters, Divisions and Brigades for smooth execution of his duties during tenure as Commander of the Army.

‘To bring the Army to greater heights soon after the war, you all extended your maximum support to me all the time at all levels. The government, HE the President and Secretary Defence confided in us and deployed us for reconstruction and reconciliation of our motherland, badly affected due to the long-drawn war. That arduous task has been made possible because of your tireless commitment and dedication. I am sure, you will continue to dedicate further in that direction, giving the maximum support to my successor, too’, the Commander said.

Explaining one by one the number of welfare projects that had been initiated under his command, General Jayasuriya pointed out that every step he took was for the benefit of soldiers, particularly considering their mental relaxation after their stay in the battlefields for many years. ‘We erected holiday bungalows and other spots for rest and recreation and founded wellness resorts for your fellow-disable War Heroes. All those were made possible with the patronage given to the Army by HE the President and Secretary Defence which is acknowledged with gratitude’.

‘In my four-year long tenure, all measures have been put in place, not allowing ugly shadows of terrorism to raise its head again in this country. I wish to make this statement with responsibility and I am sure, with the support from all of you, the country could be made a prosperous one very soon,’ General Jagath Jayasuriya remarked.

Sri Lanka Army has by now gained professional standards in all spheres and all of us can be proud of it. Those who cast negative remarks against us are now realizing our potential and unlimited capabilities, oriented towards the greater benefit of our society. All of you within a matter of four years transformed the Army to be a peace-loving one, having shown your battlefield skills for many years. That was another marked achievement gained within a span of four years, I must mention here with pride, said the Commander.

‘After the War, Sri Lanka Army was hailed as the best one in the world and it has now become the best Army in the post- war era at present because you all, soldiers proved the world that Sri Lanka Army is a unique entity with dignity and discipline. Transforming an Army, oriented to the needs of the battlefield for over three decades into being one of the best peacetime organizations, required a great deal of effort and hard work, but this challenge was well-managed during my office as the Commander,’ General Jayasuriya addressing the troops said.

Major General Udaya Perera, Security Force Commander - Kilinochchi received the Commander of the Army on arrival at the SFHQ-KLN.