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09th March 2017 15:28:39 Hours

Commander’s Empathy Admits Retired Sergeant Affected with Chronic Disease

Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army, showing his overwhelming empathy towards a critically ill retired Army Sergeant who has been lying helplessly in Matara, took immediate steps to get him admitted to the Colombo Army Hospital without further delay after dispatching an Army ambulance a few days ago.

The condition of this patient, Sergeant S. Weerathunga (retd) who had lost one eye and a limb during the humanitarian operation before 2009, had been conveyed directly to the Commander of the Army by another fellow retired Army soldier since his disease was turning worse day by day.

Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva after contacting Major General A.W.M.A.W.N Ranawana, General Officer Commanding, 58 Division Headquarters at Boossa instructed him to coordinate all necessary arrangements in this regard at the earliest. Accordingly, an ambulance sent by the 58 Division took the patient to the Colombo Army Hospital within a matter of two and half hours.

In addition, the Commander of the Army after contacting his next of kin inquired into other requirements, if any and instructed hospital authorities to provide all necessary cooperation to affected family members too at all times.