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07th August 2018 03:08:54 Hours

Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018


1. Arrangements Ready for ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018’ - Commander

2. Countdown Begins to Inauguration of ‘Colombo Defence Seminar-2018’

3. Curtains Raised for 8th 'Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018' at BMICH amid Ceremonials

4. “Technology Driven New Media, Now Becoming Global Disruptive Forces” - Prime Minister

5. “Science-Fiction, Biometric Scanners or Impermeable Borders won’t Solve the Challenges of Migration” - NPS Lecturer

6. “Even when International Humanitarian Law is Respected Duringa Conflict, Displacement Occurs” -ICRC Delegate

7. “Governments, Private Sector & Civil Society, together should Ensure Urban Security” - Dr (Ms) Lauren Twort

8. Assess & Understand the Nature of the Cyberspace Domain in Own Country - Dr Bateman

9. Research Associate Analyses Social Networks

10. Whither Artificial Intelligence? Asks Senior Fellow at IDSA in New Delhi

11. Military is the First Responder to National Disasters - Veteran Journalist & Analyst

12. South Asian Region, Most Prone to Natural Disasters

13. Bangladesh Think-tank Urges Quick Action on Geo-engineering to Save the Earth

14. ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2018’ Discusses ‘Political Extremism’

15. ‘Political Extremism’ is Manifestation of Diverse Manipulations & Ideological Extremes

16. Responsive Military Approaches to Violence Discussed

17. Defeat of Tamil Tigers Diminished Birth of Many Insurgencies - Dr. David H. Ucko

18. Positive & Negative Aspects of Diasporas Evaluated

19. Group ‘B’ Focuses on Technological Creativity

20. Climate Change Vs Future Warfare Needed to be Given Due Consideration

21. Mitigation of Violent Extremism is a Global Responsibility - Session 3 Presenters

22. All Four Groups in Session 2 Come Out with Enlightening Perspectives - Chairperson

23. Curtains Come Down on ‘CDS - 2018’ Leaving Space for Wider Discourse & Policy Decisions