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Brigadier Rajaguru Assumes Office as 31st SLMA Commandant

Brigadier R.W.W.A.D.B Rajaguru has been appointed as the 31st Commandant of the Army’s premier seat of learning, Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) at Diyatalawa.

A Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour, in conformity with military traditions, saluted the new Commandant, Brigadier Rajaguru upon his arrival at the SLMA premises on Tuesday (7) for assumption of office as the Commandant.   

Soon after he placed his signature for an official document signifying the acceptance of the new appointment, he was introduced to his staff at the SLMA before he delivered a brief address to the officers at the Colonel Fazly Lafir Memorial auditorium where he underlined the importance of sustaining discipline, solidarity and loyalty.

He expressed his utmost pleasure in being appointed as the Commandant in the most prestigious institute of the Sri Lanka Army where he was an Officer Cadet some 29 years ago.

Mrs Rajaguru, Brigadier Rajaguru’s mother and the son were also in attendance at the ceremony.