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Army Tradesmen's Skills Appreciated in New Pettah 'Gold Centre ' Opening

4 Engineer Service Regiment (ESR) tradesmen of the Sri Lanka Army on Friday (5) evening, in what could be called another milestone on the path to recovery and development, transformed the former St John Fish Market at Pettah to be a hub of gold, 'Colombo Gold Centre" and vested it with the public during a ceremony, attended by Hon Basil Rajapaksa (MP), Minister of Economic Development and Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary to Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake and a host of other invitees.

With the opening of this new storeyed complex, this Gold Centre will serve as the main Gold market for all the people who throng there from every corner of the island for purchase of gold. 4 ESR Army tradesmen, undertaking the challenging job of transforming this once stinking nerve centre of the Colombo business activities to be one of the most attractive trade centres in the capital, completed the task in less than a year and handed it over to the Urban Development and Economic Development Ministry.

Soon after the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Guest Hon Basil Rajapaksa, appreciative of the roles played by Army tradesmen, presented them with token souvenirs during the event as gestures of recognition and appreciation as the invitess, including the Army Chief, looked on.

The new Gold Centre has 83 gold stalls and has been leased out to private sector traders.