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28th November 2016 15:44:02 Hours

Army Research & Development to Seek Patent Rights for New Innovations

Sri Lanka Army’s recently-raised Research Analysis Projection & Development Branch (RAP & DB), poised to tap innate creative skills and innovative talents, inherent in Army personnel has so far identified about 32 technical creations that could be referred to obtain the patent right, out of a total of about 266 new creative products, crafted by Army personnel in the year 2016.

On the directions of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, an exhibition to elicit such talents of Army personnel was organized at different Security Force Headquarters (SFHQs) levels and also at the Army Headquarters in the past one year after the inaugural one was launched in the Wanni SFHQ.

The project, staged as ‘Innoveta’ exhibition afterwards showcased those creative talents to the public across all the SFHQs before similar exhibitions were staged at the Army Headquarters during the past few months.

A series of lectures, focused on new measures for identification of innovative talents, management of such crafted innovations, enabling to apply for patent right, enhancement of the quality of such creations that would be useful to the Army, also got underway in island-wide Army formations with the coordination of RAP & DB in the past few months.

Experts and intellectuals from the National Engineering Research and Development (NERD) centre and National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO) delivered those inspiring lectures at all the SFHQs across the country in the past two months at the invitation of the RAP & DB. Lectures also touched on the subject of short-term, middle-term and long-term gains and possible achievements for the greater benefit of the Army’s technical advancement.

The conceptual notion, mooted by the Commander of the Army saw the birth of the maiden spectacle, ‘Wanni Innoveta - 2015’ and it inspired the country-wide Army personnel to resort to innovative and creative ideas since the specific Branch was behind them giving helping hand all the time. It finally bore fruits in a competition of innovations inside the organization as ‘strategies, structure, processes, technologies, tools, incentives and rewarding systems’ began to work jointly as per instructions of the Commander of the Army to achieve its desired results.

The Army is currently in the process of seeking the patent right for 32 such new creations of Army personnel. Altogether 266 such creative products which have been crafted by Army personnel after the ground level inspiration was infused, have been identified to match with high standards.

RAP & DB further invites all Army personnel to tap and make use of their hidden talents and submit them without fail to the above Branch for further onward arrangements.