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Army Coordination Gets Books for Libraries

233 Brigade troops of the 23 Division under the Security Force Headquarters – East (SFHQ-E), together with the support of Mr Kalana Wakisitha of the National Library Colombo recently donated a large stock of books for libraries in Welikanda and Vakarei areas in Trincomalee district.

Those books, worth more than Rs 1 lakh were distributed among the libraries at Madurangala Maha Vidyalaya, Kurulubedda Vidyalaya, Sinhapura Vidyalaya and Mahinda Vidyalaya in the Welikanda area during simple ceremonies.

In addition, another stock of Tamil books including story books, fairy tales, novels, etc was donated to Palachenai Tamil School and the Girls’ Orphanage in Kathiraveli area by same donors. Officers, Other Rankers, a few donors and recipients attended the event.