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13th June 2018 10:22:22 Hours

All Formations Under SFHQ-West Enthusiastically Contribute to Tree Planting

Troops of the Security Force Headquarters – West (SFHQ-West), Battalion Training School - Katukeliyawa, Panagoda Army Base Hospital, ‘Abimansala - 2 and 3’, Ranaviru Apparels in Alawwa, Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment, Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Regiment (SLAGSC), Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment, Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police Regiment, Sri Lanka Ordnance Corps Regiment, Military Intelligence Corps Regiment and Sri Lanka National Guard Regiment in compliance with instructions given by the Commander of the Army contributed to the National Environment Week and the International Environment Day by way of launching various tree planting projects in respective formations during the past two weeks.

The premises surrounding the SFHQ-West in Panagoda and Katukeliyawa Battalion Training School received a thorough cleaning at the beginning of the National Environment Week before those troops began planting more than 250 saplings of Woodapple, Milla, Kumbuk, Halmilla, Koen, Madan, Welan, Pihimbiya, Burma Teak, Margosa, Jack, Hog Plum, Lime, Lemon, Star Fruit, Beli, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Mango and Soursop in areas surrounding the main administrative complex of the SFHQ-West and areas, adjacent to the Katukeliyawa Battalion Training School.

Similarly, troops working in Army wellness resorts, Abimansala 2 & 3 Kamburupitiya and Pangolla and the Panagoda Army Base Hospital joined the tree planting week by planting more than 300 saplings in respective compounds within the week.

In the same manner, Military Intelligence Corps at Karandeniya and Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps during 2 - 3 June carried out cleaning projects separately at those Regimental Headquarters. Officers and Other Rankers joined together and planted more than 50 useful economic saplings to coincide with the National Environment Week.

At Ranaviru Apparels in Alawwa, all workmates got together and planted more than 100 fruit saplings and laid Bamboo saplings along the banks of Maa Oya in close proximity to the Alawwa factory to prevent soil erosion.

6 Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps Regiment (SLAGSC) troops meanwhile collected garbage, polythene and plastic items that have been thrown along the road that leads to Somawatiya from Kandakadu Farm after planting more than 100 seedlings inside the camp.

Similarly, 1 SLAGSC troops cleaned up the camp surroundings and planted saplings inside the Panaluwa Army Farm. In the meantime 3, 4 SLAGSC troops and the Vocational School of the SLAGSC launched cleaning projects inside the camp premises and planted saplings along the perimeters of the camp. Meanwhile, 2 SLAGSC and 5 SLAGSC troops marked the week with conduct of special lectures on waste management and environmental conservation before they took to cleaning projects.