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62 Division Shares Purified Water with Nearby Villagers

Commissioning of the new Water Purification Plant of the 62 Division Headquarters which could provide drinking water to more than 100 civil families as well, plus the opening of the attractive main entrance, refurbished welfare facility complex and the re-designed badminton court of the 62 Division Headquarters at Galkulama, Padaviya, took place on Monday (3) during a ceremony, headed by Major General J.R Kulathunga, Commander, Security Forces - Wanni (SF-W).

Presidential Task Force of the President’s Secretariat in response to the need for water purification facility to the 62 Division Headquarters in the Wanni has provided a large purification plant which could purify more than 10,000 liters per day for Army personnel serving the 62 Division.

However, Major General B.H.M.A Wijesinghe, General Officer Commanding, 62 Division who took the initiative in this regard found that a certain excess amount of drinking water available with the 62 Division, could also be shared with villagers, resident surrounding the 62 Division camp premises since the shortage of drinking water has posed a major setback to their livelihood. A separately installed new water tap outside the camp would in this way provide drinking water to those villagers, beginning Monday (3).

Major General J.R Kulathunga, Commander, SF-W as the Chief Guest during the ceremony on Monday (3) in the company of Major General B.H.M.A Wijesinghe, General Officer Commanding, 62 Division inaugurated those projects and met a representative gathering of Officers and Other Rankers inside the 62 Division Headquarters. The Chief Guest visited the new welfare shop and also shared a couple of views with the villagers who were present near the new tap facility, adjacent to the camp premises.

Brigadier T.J Nanayakkara, General Officer Commanding, 56 Division, Brigade Commanders of 621, 622 and 623 Brigades, villagers of Galkulama area and Officers and soldiers from under command Brigades and Battalions were also present during the ceremony.