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08th January 2018 13:14:37 Hours

57 Division in Kilinochchi Promotes ‘Yali Api Negitimu - Atukotu Purawamu’ National Food Production Drive

57 Division Headquarters of the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), which has shown a keen enthusiasm towards cultivation of vegetables, using carbonic manure in another mammoth project, distributed a large stock of vegetable saplings among Army personnel serving all Divisions, Brigades and all formations under the SFHQ-KLN.

57 Division Headquarters taking the lead for this specific project on the directions of Major General Jagath Gunawardena, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 57 Division, invited Major General Ajith Kariyakarawana, Commander, Security Forces - Kilinochchi (SF-KLN) to inaugurate the distribution ceremony as the Chief Guest at the utility hall in the 57 Division Headquarters premises on Friday (5).

Themed on ‘Yali Api Negitimu - Atukotu Purawamu’ to coincide with the ongoing national food drive of the government, the 57 Division as advised by the Army Headquarters has taken steps to cultivate varieties of vegetables and other food crops in a vast patch of land inside the 57 Division premises using their own carbonic fertilizer.

It was early in 2017, the 57 Division Headquarters took the initiative in this regard to be in compliance with the government’s ‘Api Wawamu - Rata Nagamu’ drive on the directions of the Commander of the Army. It distributed more than 125,000 coconut saplings and other varieties among Kilinochchi civilians a few months ago in addition to a large stock of other vegetable saplings that were distributed among troops serving Kilinochchi areas.

On the same occasion, all Army personnel, who toiled hard to cultivate vegetables and breed saplings within the 57 Division premises, were also appreciated and given special gifts by the Chief Guest and the GOC 57 Division successively.

Soon after the proceedings were over, the Chief Guest had a close look at the farm complex and shared views with those caretakers working there.

All Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers of under command battalions, and Other Ranks, representing all formations were present at the distribution ceremony in Kilinochchi.