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03rd December 2017 15:05:16 Hours

24 Division Launches Elaborate Anniversary Programmes

To coincide with the 4th anniversary of the 24 Division Headquarters of the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E), troops launched a series of religious, community-oriented projects and military formalities during 13 - 28 November under the guidance of Major General Mahinda Mudalige, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 24 Division.

Religious observances commenced with a Bodhi Pooja and an alms-giving at the sacred Somawathiya temple in Polonnaruwa on Monday (13) where blessings were invoked on the 24 Division flag and All Ranks serving under the Division.

Afterwards, a ‘Shramadana’ community help project attended by 24 Division troops cleaned up the ‘Sarana Elders’ Home premises in Ampara where a large number of helpless elderly folk are living.

A special all-night Pirith chanting ceremony, organized at the Divisional Headquarters premises on 24 November 2017 to bless the 24 Division flag and All Ranks followed an alms-giving (Heel Daanaya) for 25 Buddhist monks in Ampara area on Saturday (25).

A colourful Perahera wended its way from Majithpuram junction to the 24 Division premises with the GOC carrying the sacred relic casket. It was subsequently placed in the ‘Pirith Mandapa’ and respectfully invited members of the Maha Sangha to commence chanting. All Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers, serving staff at the 24 Division and other invitees were associated with the event.

The same evening, Officers and Other Ranks took part in a special Pooja at Sri Manikyar Pillayar Kovil in Ampara, a Islamic prayer session at Majithuram Jumma Mosque in Malwatte area and a special Mass at Ampara St. Ignatius' Church.

Military formalities on Monday (27) included a Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour accorded to Major General Mahinda Mudalige, GOC by 23 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment troops in the 24 Division Headquarters.

Afterwards, the GOC planted a Mango sapling in the premises and added memories to the anniversary before he shared a lunch treat with All Ranks, organized at the Other Ranks Mess.

The same afternoon, the GOC inaugurated the newly-constructed Other Ranks’ holiday home inside the premises as a gift to the Other Rankers.

The anniversary celebrations culminated on Friday (28) with a grand musical entertainment, held at the Division’s playground. A large gathering of Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks serving all formations in Ampara joined the evening.