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‘Shramadana’ Campaigns Rid Garbage in Thunukkai & Aiyyankankulam Hospitals

At the request of hospital authorities, 65 Division troops of the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) did Sharamadana campaigns in Thunukkai and Aiyyankankulam peripheral hospitals to clean hospital surroundings and all accessories in use, in cooperation with members of the staff at those hospitals during March 09-10.

Gajaba Regiment troops of the 652 Brigade under the 65 Division joined hands with Aiyyankankulam Hospital minor staff on March 09 and cleaned the hospital premises and accessories. The following day (10), 21 Sri Lanka Light Infantry battalion troops offered their support to clean up the Thunukkai Hospital premises with the intention of beautifying the hospital and its adjoining surroundings.

Troops largely cleaned up the drainage systems and mosquito-breeding places in both hospitals premises as Dengue epidemic was fast rising its ugly head again in the areas.

About 50 soldiers, together with several officers took away garbage and cleaned the hospitals premises during both those social service projects.