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15th October 2020 10:31:51 Hours

‘Mahajana Dinaya’ in Rupavahini Highlights Challenges against Control of Transmission

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID 19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army contributing to the ‘Mahjana Dinaya’ TV discussion in Rupavahini on Wednesday (14) evening, called upon the public to treat tri service personnel coming to rescue them as saviours despite own life-threatening risks and cooperate with them without casting aspersions on them or ridiculing them. Referring to a few unpleasant instances the troops had to face when they reached houses of those close associates or contacts in order to evacuate them or take them to the nearest Quarantine Centres, he said; “This is done for your own safety and health and should not be interpreted as a social stigma. Other than restricting the spread of the virus, there is no other alternative to it. Everyone has to understand it,” he remarked.

Here follows the full video footage of the programme: