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  • Colombo University's Grandeur Restored by ESR Troops

    Pioneers in the revival of rare architectural designs in the country, to be in parallel with ongoing city beautification project of the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, left a one more landmark in Colombo this morning (3) when troops handed back the Army-renovated university’s central building of imperial value, popularly known as ‘Mathematics building’ at the University of Colombo to its authorities.
  • Career Training Lecture Held

    A special project to encourage unemployed young ones in Jaffna for career development in Information Technology (IT) and Shipping trade under the programme, NEET (Not in Education, not in Employment, not in Training), got underway, following an initiative taken by the Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna (SFHQ-J) on Friday (29). A selected group of 20 job aspirants listened to Mr T. Lingeshwaran, Director CINEC Campus.....
  • Commander's Initiative, Regimental Housing Project for Fallen War Hero Families Almost Completed

    The novel ‘House Construction’ project at all regimental levels for families of fallen War Heroes and differently able soldiers which saw its birth as a conceptual notion of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crisanthe De Silva, is fast nearing completion by fourth week of September, 2015. To be in line with the Commander's noble visionary project, 18 Regiments swiftly jumped into action and......
  • Army to Receive Non-Military Professionalism

    A professional training programme, designed to educate non-commissioned officers (NCOs) on spiritual advancement, biodiversity and indigenous farming, commenced last week at the Army Vocational Training School at Kalaoya. The training module, got off as a novel suggestion of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake was addressed by several prominent environmentalists, agricultural experts and othee specialists.
  • 'Development Strengthens National Security'

    The development of the country will help strengthen national security, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said yesterday. The President said the people will start questioning as to why this country should be divided when ties between various communities in the country are strengthened in economic and social fields........
  • Medical Officers Before Mrs Anoma Fonseka Clear General Sarath Fonseka of Any Ill-Health

    MEDICAL OFFICERS attending General Sarath Fonseka, detained at Navy Headquarters maintain that his health condition has not deteriorated as alleged by Mrs Anoma Fonseka and other spokespersons. The Army on its part has provided the medical services to him on a regular basis and round the clock since he continues to remain under Army care. No such complaint of sickness has been made by General Fonseka to this date, nor has any observation to that effect been made by the Navy Medical Officer in attendance.

  • Donor Given Garments Distributed Among Civilians

    A stock of ready-made garments, donated by Mr Thyagaraj Kanthakumar for the use of civilians in Velankulam, Madukulam, Sinnathampanai and Senkadapaddai villagers in the 61 Division Headquarters area were distributed on Tuesday (12) during a brief ceremony at 61 Division Headquarters’ indoor stadium.

    JAFFNA: DISTRICT Secretary for JAFFNA Mr. K. GANESH categorically denies having requested “any immediate assistance from JAFFNA NGOs to help meet basic needs of VANNI people” arriving in JAFFNA for temporary housing. Mr. K. GANESH speaking to www.army.lk asserted that JAFFNA does not have any such “detention centres for fleeing WANNI civilians,” but twelve Welfare Centres where as of Friday (24) some 11,500 displaced civilians remain housed.“We have enough stocks and situation in those Welfare Centres is good. I have not spoken to any specific NGO as such.....

  • Troops Conduct More Community Projects in East

    Troops of several Battalions and Divisions of the Security Force Headquarters-East (SFHQ-E) in the past few days conducted community projects to promote bellow understanding with the general public in the area. 5 Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA) and 6 Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) troops, organized a ‘Dansala’ to offer free food for devotees who attended Christmas festivals at Patalipuram, Muthur and Kuchchaweli areas respectively on Thursday (25).
  • Vesak Arrangements of SFHQ-E Attract Huge Crowds

    Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) as its sister headquarters elsewhere did, contributed to the success of annual Vesak celebrations by way of preparing elaborate arrangements. A Vesak zone, organized at its Welikanda Headquarters premises comprised a large number of features, including a lantern competition................