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  • Workshop to Promote Skills of Warrant Officers Begins

    In order to promote skills and attitudinal changes among Warrant Officers serving in all units under the Security Force Headquarters – Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), a three-day workshop was inaugurated on Thursday (17) at Ampakamam Battalion Training School, Kilinochchi. The workshop focused on tapping of potentials and skills.....
  • Commander Seeks Possible Training for Sportsmen and Athletes in the British Army

    Possibilities for exchange of sports programmes and sports training opportunities between Sri Lanka Army and British Army are to be explored in the future through diplomatic channels in the UK as a result of extensive discussions that ensued when Dr Chris Nonis, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner for United Kingdom called on the Commander......
  • Training Day Programme at SFHQ-MLT Consists of Presentations

    Officers at the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) as part of their training  day programme conducted several presentations during their symbolic Training Day Programme on Wednesday (12) at the SFHQ-MLT main auditorium.

  • Callousness of International Community

    WHILE doubtless the assaults on the Sri Lankan State will continue, at least until the Tigers can no longer operate either from our shores or elsewhere, I believe the last few weeks have helped us to clarify certain misconceptions. Certainly the problem that is aired accusingly has boiled down to the one simple fact, that there are a number of civilians forcibly kept by the LTTE in the area still under their control, and they will continue to suffer while conflict continues. Gone however are the claims that they were being targeted by our Forces. Whilst one cannot be absolutely sure that there is no collateral damage, the care that is being exercised now, the results of the care exercised in the first several months.....

  • LTTE Computer Hardware, Explosives & Gas Bombs among Recoveries

    WANNI: TROOPS on their search and clear operations in the general areas of ELEPHANT PASS, MULLAITTIVU, PUTHUKKUDIIRUPPU, NADUNKERNI and VELLAIMULLIVAKKAL recovered  two 120 mm mortar bombs, three Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), six 60 mm mortar bombs, one Arul bomb, three trip players, four Yesu sets, five I-com radio sets, fourteen I-com hand sets, four wire codes, twenty supper rod antennas, forty-eight Yesu antennas, four battery chargers, thirty-five antenna sockets, one computer hard disk, sixty-eight two-pin connectors,  forty-seven wire socket connectors, fifty-seven VHF sockets, one DVB power supply, eighteen I-com clips,.....

  • Gemunu Watch 'Pranaama Pooja' Recalls Memories of Fallen War Heroes

    The ‘Pranaama Pooja’ (offer of tributes) in memory of fallen War Heroes of the Gemunu Watch (GW) took place recently for two days at Kuruwita Gemunu Watch Regimental Headquarters. Those programmes, headed by Major General S. Udumalagala, Colonel of the Regiment and Mrs Chintha Udumalagala, Chairperson, GW Seva Vanitha Unit, kicked off with an all-night ‘Pirith’ chanting....
  • Exercise - Cormorant Strike IV - 2013 Kicks Off From Ellewewa

    The Army’s fourth mock ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike IV – 2013,’ attended by 2698 tri-service personnel and 40 foreign military participants and observers in the east of Sri Lanka is now in full swing after it kicked off on Wednesday (11). Foreign military participants and observers arrived at Minneriya Exercise Operation Headquarters on Wednesday (11).....
  • Preparatory Phases of forthcoming 'Ex-Cormorant Strike V-2014' Now, On

    The preparatory phases of the annual joint military ‘Exercise - Cormorant Strike V - 2014’, with more than 2500 tri-service personnel participating, together with foreign military participants and observers, have now set in  from Mannar, Wanni, Matale and several other locations in the East under the command of Brigadier A.M.R Dharmasiri, Exercise Director.