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  • Religious Rites & Rituals Begin in A'pura Before Enshrinement

    Religious rites and rituals, precursor to the forthcoming enshrinement of sacred relics at the ‘Sanda Hiru Seya’ at Anuradhapura, expected to take place on November 23, 2014,  have already begun with the involvement of tri-service Chiefs, Inspector General of Police and Director General of the Civil Defence Force.
  • New Delhi Based Defence Attaches Congratulate Commander on Productive Seminar Sessions

    “By the time you all arrive in Sri Lanka for the 2013 Defence Seminar next time, we will not have a single ‘R’, meaning the 5Rs (Reconstruction, Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Reconciliation) that can be taken up for deliberations since they would not remain as issues any longer in Sri Lanka upon their successful implementation,” so quipped.....

  • Another Contingent of Sri Lanka Army Leaves for UN Peace Keeping Mission in Haiti

    THE 12th Sri Lanka Army contingent on UN Peace Keeping Mission in Haiti left  the island on 27th June for a period of six months. This 749 strong contingent from Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) is to be commanded by Colonel A.M.R Darmasiri with Lieutenant Colonel Kithsiri Liyanage as his Second-in-Command. Lieutenant Colonel C.U Marasinghe is to join them as the logistic officer. Today’s contingent comprised 375 soldiers and 37 officers.

  • GW Marks its 24th Anniversary

    Officers and soldiers, attached to Gemunu Watch (GW) at Kuruwita Regimental Headquarters commemorated GW’s 24th anniversary giving pride of place to religious observances. A special Bodhi Pooja followed by an all-night Pirith Chanting at the premises culminated on the ................

  • Inmates at Karuna Nilayam Hostel Given Incentives

    Extending goodwill and assuring all time assistance and protection, a programme to provide school accessories and essentials to the inmates at Karuna Nilayam Hostel where 36 parentless school children and 20 mentally-retarded women are housed, got underway on Tuesday (28) at Kilinochchi.

  • Army Rugby Players Do It Again

    Sri Lanka Army Rugby Team recorded a convincing victory against CR & FC Rugby team by securing 21 points against 18 of their rivals during the Inter Club Dialog Rugby League 2014/2015 at Longdon Place, Colombo on Saturday (17).
  • Commander Visits Vadamarachchi, Reviews Commitment of Troops

    The Commander of the Army during his tour to Jaffna visited Task Force 7 and 55 Division in Iyyakachchi area Sunday (3) to review the progress and the well-being of the soldiers in those areas. On arrival, the Commander was accorded a Guard Turnout by the soldiers at the entrance to the Task Force 7. Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya unveiled a plaque and planted a tree sapling in the Task Force 7 camp premises to mark his visit.

  • Eurojust Tactical Meeting on 'LTTE Front Organizations'

    A TACTICAL Meeting on LTTE Front Organizations, was hosted by Eurojust (the EU institution responsible for co-ordination of investigations and prosecutions between competent authorities in the Member States), on March 30-31, 2009 in the Hague, Netherlands. The Meeting was attended by representatives of the Intelligence and Criminal Justice communities of EU member States, non-EU countries including Sri Lanka and the Europol,said a press release issued by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Brussels.