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  • 181 Soldiers Donate Blood to Patients in Vavuniya

    211 Brigade in Vavuniya serving the Security Forces Headquarters, Wanni with the support of medical and nursing staff at Vavuniya Base Hospital, conducted a blood donation campaign on account of the Poson Full Moon Poya Day. Over 181 Army personnel serving the 211 Brigade in Vavuniya donated blood during the clinic for the benefit of patients lying at the Vavuniya Base Hospital. 211 Brigade Commander, Brigadier P.M.S Pallemulla with the coordination of the Civil Affairs Unit.....
  • New Year Sprits to 54 Division

    542 Brigade of 54 Division, with the intention of promoting mutual understanding and inter-relationship among all communities, conducted a Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival at Madu road Sinhala School Ground on Sunday (21).

  • Women's Corps Members Meditate

    Colonel Commandant, Centre Commandant and Commanding Officers of all Units of the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC), together with other ranks, attended a Dhamma preaching session and a meditating programme on Tuesday (10) at Sri Kalyana Dharamasramaya, Colombo 7 on Bauddhaloka Mawatha.......

    ORDINARY JAFFNA civilians on hearing the fate that befell LTTE terrorist leader, PRABHAKARAN exploded into happiness and delight throughout Tuesday (19) after taking to main streets with waving National flags.    As the news cracked, civilians went on lighting fire crackers and sounding vehicle horns as more and more people joined the revelers. Those civilians in their hundreds wended their way across the main streets. The spontaneous burst of the public is reflective of the anger and revulsion of the JAFFNA public.

  • Trincomalee's First Time Achievers In A/L Rewarded & Varied Humanitarian Projects Launched

    Scores of students, civilians and the disabled during a mammoth event, organized by the Army for promotion of goodwill, harmony and reconciliation among all three major ethnicities in Trincomalee, received accolades, incentives and varied forms of humanitarian assistance on Saturday (28). The occasion at Trincomalee Vivekananda Vidyalaya auditorium assumed greater significance with the participation of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya as the Chief Guest.....
  • Sri Gnanavairavar Temple Inside Palaly HSZ Holds Its Festival

    Hundreds of Hindu devotees offered Poojas to the deity of Sri Gnanavairavar Temple in Vasavilan South inside the Palaly High Security Zone (HSZ) on Friday (05). Devotees earlier did not enjoy access to hold the Pooja to the temple in the last 27 years since it was inside the HSZ. On the directives of the Commander Security Force Jaffna......
  • Terrorists' One More Armour-Plated Truck Found

    Flash !

    TROOPS now dominating VALAYANMADAM area, in what said to be a stunning recovery, Tuesday (28) afternoon found an improvised armour-plated six-wheel truck, as troops advanced, apparently used for transport of LTTE terrorist leaders across un-cleared areas in the most recent past. This bullet-proof vehicle could accommodate a few passengers inside in addition to its driver.  

  • Commander Completes His 'Farewell' Meetings Thanking Everyone

    Ending the series of formal ‘farewell’ visits before he assumes the new appointment shortly as Chief of Defence Staff, the Commander of the Army, General Jagath Jayasuriya Friday (12) morning went to the Security Force Headquarters  Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) and met a representative gathering of troops serving there. General Jayasuriya during his address to the troops gratefully acknowledged the support he received from the island-wide Headquarters.....

  • Commander Inquires into Wellbeing of New Volunteer Force Professionals Under Training

    On his way back from Nuwara Eliya after opening the first of its kind, High Altitude Training Centre atop Pidurutalaga for long running practices, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, Commander of the Army made a surprise visit to the Sri Lanka Military Academy Friday (15) evening in order to inquire into the well-being of newly recruited professionals of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force (SLAVF) now under training.
  • The Bob Rae Saga

    SECRETARY General Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) Prof Rajiva Wijesinha has written to The Toronto Star in response to its coverage of the decision to prevent Canadian politician Bob Rae from entering Sri Lanka last week. His letter is published below. Michael Cooke, Editor, The Toronto Star.