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  • Seva Vanitha Pre-Schools Conduct their Annual Concerts

    SEVA Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) conducts seven pre-schools across the island and nearly 600 small children from Army families continue to receive primary education. With a view to promoting their born talents and aesthetic skills, the SVAB annually organizes variety concerts in each pre-school for kids learning there. Concerts for the year 2009 were organized on 7th, 9th and 10th August in Colombo, Kandy and Diyatalawa.

  • Jaffna Pays Tribute to Grade 5 Scholarship Recipients

    Fifty-four students who performed well in the 2011 Grade 5 scholarship examination  enjoyed a memorable day when their achievements were rewarded during a special ceremony, organized at the Civil Affairs and Public Relations Office in Jaffna on Sunday (02) morning. Following directives given by Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, Commander Security Forces - Jaffna, the Security Forces Headquarters .....
  • Training Workshops on Boxing & Civil Relations Held

    Security Forces Headquarters- Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), intending to enhance general knowledge on social, cultural and personal dimensions of Tamil civilians, organized a workshop for all commanding officers in the area for five days. Major General Udaya Perera, Commander, SFHQ-KLN attended the final sessions of the workshop which selected the Best Division, Best Brigade, Best Unit and the Best Commanding Officer for award of valuable gifts and certificates.

  • GW Troops Under 542 Brigade Give Facelift to Pre-school Building

    Pandivettuwan village’s one and only pre-school in the 542 Brigade area received a thorough facelift and renovation, thanks to efforts of Army troops since it has remained dilapidated. Major W.D.C.C.B Dissanayake, Commanding Officer, 15 (v) Gemunu Watch (GW) serving the area, together with hundreds of soldiers painted and cleaned up the pre-school building in Pandivettuwan village and collected all garbage from its surroundings.
  • Military Police to Apprehend Producers of Ridiculous Video Documentary

    Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police (SLCMP), investigating into the release of a video documentary on rigorous military training sessions for woman recruits to the Internet by a few interested elements, have now found that the highly likely stage-managed training in question, has been devised by a group of persons around October in 2012 with the express intention of bringing the Army into disrepute and condemnation.

  • Tiger Paws Behind Humanitarian Pause? "The Island" Editorial

    THE LTTE has lost the entire land area under its control save about one sq. km. Before the present phase of war began in 2006, the LTTE held over 15,000 sq. km in the North and the East. But, today it has taken refuge in the no-fire zone behind a human shield. In fact, the term no-fire zone has lost its meaning as the LTTE is using it to mount attacks on the army. It is a no-fire zone only for the troops.

  • Kilinochchi Widows get Tailoring Knowledge on Women's Day

    A workshop on tailoring was organized for widows residing in Kilinochchi area by troops of the 57 Division and 6 Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps during March 7 - 8 to mark the International Women’s Day. The workshop attended by around 90 widows was patronized by Alliance Center Development Trust (Pvt) Ltd. This was held to enhance the knowledge of women in the area in this sphere.

  • LTTE Suicide Bombers Fail in Plans to Assassinate President; Court Told

    COLOMBO: STATE Intelligence wings on their persistent hunt for residual Tiger (LTTE) elements and their proxies in Colombo and elsewhere had been able to make several major breakthroughs into intended terrorist bloodbaths, including planned assassination attempts on the President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA. The most recent arrest of an LTTE mastermind who has been operating with the support of several others in Colombo revealed that all three attempts made on the lives of President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA. The most recent arrest of an LTTE mastermind who has been operating with the support of several others in Colombo revealed that all three attempts made on the lives of President MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA and Defence Secretary GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA have failed by a whisker due to tightened security network, being provided to both of them and Police arrangements, the Court inquiring into the WELLAWATTE suicide bomber’s death has been told.  Information provided by an arrested Tiger, who had received special training in KILINOCHCHI for VIP assassination plans has led state intelligence service (SIS) sleuths to find four LTTE suicide jackets, kept hidden inside the ceiling of a luxurious residential complex apartment in WELLAWATTE on 14 May 2009.

  • Cardiology Clinic Treats More Than 450 Civilians

    A special mobile clinic on heart diseases, organized by the 54 Division for the benefit of Mannar civilians got underway in Mannar on Tuesday (26). A medical team from the Colombo National Hospital’s Cardiology unit conducted ECG and ECO tests on more than 450 civilians during the full-day clinic and referred some of them for further treatment after consultations.

  • Army to Re-Launch Fight Against 'Dengue' on Commander's Instructions

     On the directions of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, a comprehensive cleaning campaign to wipe out the threat of resurgence of Dengue epidemic in Puttalam and other surrounding areas in western province-based Army formations and Army residential quarters, will come into effect, beginning Monday (June 2, 2014) from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The cleaning programme to be launched under the close supervision of Major General U.A.B Medawela, Commander, Security Force Headquarters - West (SFHQ-West).....