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    LTTE propaganda machine, in what confirmed to be an orchestrated move to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the Security Forces, has lashed out a barrage of concocted and malicious stories and grapevine at the expense of suffering caused to Tamil civilians in the north and east following the tsunami disaster.
  • Army men line up to donate blood for casualties in un-cleared areas

    Humanity cares no bounds, ethnicities, religions, castes or creeds. So were the experiences, most of us, Sri Lankans appear to be undergoing these days in the aftermath of the most horrendous tsunami catastrophe that devastated a large chunk of our coastal areas on Sunday (26).

    In what could be seen as an LTTE retaliatory measure, suspected LTTE men during early hours on Sunday (2) ordered tsunami victims sheltered inside a cadjan-thatched hall at KUDATHANAI VIDYALAYA (school) north of NAGARKOVIL to vacate the premises before two motorbike-riding LTTE men set fire to the hall.
  • LTTE Black Tiger Indoctrinating Center Bombed

    MULLAITHIVU: SUPERSONIC FIGHTER CRAFT of the Sri Lanka Air Force, in another successful mission struck LTTE's Black Tiger Indoctrinating Center in the dense KEEVELIKULAM jungles, about 4 km northwest of PUTHUKUDIRIPPU, MULLAITHIVU this evening (31) at about 5.15 p.m.
  • Tiger Propaganda Mill Sheds Crocodile Tears on Valiant Troops

    SRI LANKA ARMY firmly and categorically refutes pro-LTTE media reports that shed crocodile tears on alleged “dumping of tractor loads of dead soldiers”, “hospitalization of hundreds of injured soldiers”, “non-conduct of military funerals or proper funerals,” etc with special emphasis given to Mannar sector where Tiger terrorists are almost on the run.
  • Suicide Cadre's Premature Explosion Kills Three &; Injures Thirteen

    JAFFNA: AN APPARENT premature explosion of a terrorist suicide jacket while being taken by an LTTE suicide cadre on a push bicycle to be placed in a public place in THIRUNAVELI, JAFFNA this morning (31) around 11.20 a.m. claimed the lives of three civilians and injured thirteen more.
  • Loss &; Damage to Tiger Terrorists Swells

    WANNI: INTERMITTENT CLASHES between Tiger terrorists and troops that raged for another day in WANNI on Wednesday (30) caused considerable loss and damage to Tiger terrorists.
  • Bruce Fein: Staunch Opponent of Tigers in 2004, Zealous Defender in 2008-”How Come?

    BRUCE FEIN, a lobbyist with credentials from Harvard University, is openly soliciting money to get the Tiger terrorists deproscribed. In an advertisement written for the Bruce Fein Project he markets himself in his website as one who \"is uniquely gifted and experienced to give expression to the Tamils' grievances in the corridors of power in Washington and electronic and print media\" and also that he is \"well versed in the oppression that afflicts the Tamils under the current Government and their legitimate aspirations for a separate state after grim decades of pervasive and odious discrimination.\"